Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park include Table Mountain area, Cape Point, Tokai and Boulders Penguin Colony

Home to an amazing 8 200 plant species - of which around 80% are fynbos, the CFK is also the only kingdom confined to one continent. The significance of this hits home when you consider that the British Isles, 3 ½ times the size, boasts less than 1 500 plant species.

Many of the plants that occur here are endemic – that means that they occur nowhere else on earth. To add to this there are around 1,406 threatened plant species, 300 of which are endangered or critically endangered and 29 plant species are already extinct. It is this combination of high diversity and levels of threat from issues like urbanization, poor fire management and alien species that makes the CFK the world’s hottest floral hot-spot. Add to this the increase in global warming and pollution.

Animals in Table Mountain National Park

Penguin at Boulders Beach
Dassies on Table Mountain
Zebras, Ostrich, Baboons at Cape Point

Map - South African National Parks

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